Discovery ⚡️
This phase of learning is running headfirst and with direction changing until there is enough depth and width into the entity, to choose what regarding the entity matters and judge the legitimacy of sources.

Problem #1

My discovery involves jumping from hacker-news to blogs to youtube and every other source I can find. This happens over the course of weeks and it's definitely hard to keep track of where the information comes from.


I use Weavar - Chrome Web Store to highlight stuff I find interesting and categorize it.

Problem #2

Transferring things to a data store that is reliable and private is an interesting challenge. Initially, I used Roam, because of bi-linking capabilities, emphasis on associative knowledge and complex querying. Since I wanted to add personal thoughts and it being an online app comes a privacy risk. Moreover, the bullet point UI forces me to think in conclusions rather than process.


Athens. All the capabilities of Roam and it's free, open-source, private and local-first.
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