Introduction πŸ‘‹
This is my personal blog where I share my readings, ideas, and thoughts in the form of online gitbook​
Here's a graph of all the things I've collected over the past few months. Each node represents a page of data.
Made using Athens(built by me :P Find out more in work/building a graph viz)
All these haven't been published here yet, but going forward I will add new things directly to the docs and port when I visit them in the future.

Why should you read this blog?

I believe all of us are working towards a common goal. We just want something better than yesterday. All the information on these docs are free and always will be under: ​
The only non-binding pact here is, to share your experience and advice. I would love to hear from you and will dedicate an entire section to just the things I learn from you.

Why did I start writing anyway?

I started my writing journey a few months ago with the core purpose of building the Second brain. Simply put our brains are not optimized for the tasks(that give us a deeper sense of existence) in our modern world. During this journey, I realized, there are many flaws in my understanding and far too many irrational judgments that are as quick as an instinct.
These docs serve me a very important purpose. To think 🧐. To strip away layers of complexity and duplication and strive for simple(not easy) things.
That is where digital gardensπŸ€ come in. An ever-growing collection of thoughts and ideas that are too important to stop existing -- from my POV. I try to keep concepts and ideas more universal(objective is too strong a term).

How to use this website?

You can quickly search and jump to something you are interested in. Or navigate through the sections on the left.
You can learn more about gitbook here.

Thank you πŸ‘‹